Tours - Wednesday 7th November

Walking Audit – A fresh perspective on the urban landscape
Environments that encourage walking are increasingly a key area of focus for towns and cities as they tie together issues of health, sustainability, community empowerment and local economy. These themes will be explored during the Walking Audit.

The walk will be led by Jack Skillen of Living Streets, the charity working to make streets across the UK safe, attractive and enjoyable so that people want to walk. The walk will combine pragmatic tools used to audit streets, the policy context of the built environment, as well as softer methods to promote local walking and the impact this has on communities.

Some highlights…

Walk and Draw Tour
This is a 2.5-hour guided walk, stopping at key points of interest in the transformative geography of the city, near the King’s Cross area of London . Key landmarks, buildings, intersections, junctures and other miscellaneous points of social, architectural and historical significance provide the setting for impromptu drawing sessions led by Ilga Leimanis, of the collaborative, mobile and performative drawing duo Ortelius Drew. This tour will encourage participants to see how the act of drawing with others demonstrates the extent to which each individual sees something different whilst exploring the same scene. Each drawing is unique, thus representing a diversity of viewpoints and understandings of urban change. No previous drawing skills are required and drawing materials will be provided. The emphasis of this tour is on the sharing of ideas, reflections, interpretations and meanings embodied in the urban transformations affecting our shared local community and about using drawing as a tool for communication and sharing ideas and concerns.

Citizenship and Mapping Workshop
In this session we will explore the area of crowdsourcing and citizen science, and how can people engage in participatory mapping processes. We will have a short presentation about the benefits and risks of participatory processes, including hands-on experience in mapping some local information around UCL and collection noise samples in the area.

Water and Sanitation Tour
The tour will start at 2pm on Islington Green, the small park on the corner of Upper St and Essex Road in Angel. Through a combination of walking and public transport we will explore London’s canals, aquaducts and sewer networks (sadly we won’t actually go into a sewer, but we will be very close). The tour will move between moments of crisis and their engineering solutions, from Sir Hugh Middleton’s New River to Sir Joseph Bazalgette’s sewers, and on to the current challenges for water and sanitation in London. Like all good walking tours, we will finish at the John Snow Pub on Broadwick St in Soho at about 5pm.